'We get by with a little help from our friends!''
 After two years of coming together and setting up this project,
we have seen all our efforts come to fruition during our first year.

We feel so privileged to be working with these incredible youth
and to have been able to create this much-needed space in our community!
Greetings fellow community members,

WCSS is for ages 5-18 and, with no enforced government curriculum, we are

at present denied any government funding.

This means WCSS is entirely self-funded and therefore has to ask for Membership Dues,

on a cost sharing basis, to cover all operational costs.

All staff are still working for minimum wage

and volunteering the rest of the needed hours.

We are a company limited by guarantee and received our Charity Status

on the 24th of December 2020:

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) 20206027.

If you would like to support us, please see below!

Children in tree

Become a Sponsor!

It is our aim to provide a Solidarity Fund to aid those families who cannot afford sending their child(ren) to WCSS. You can help to make this a reality by donating money to WCSS's SOLIDARITY FUND!

€2,100 would substitute one student’s Membership Dues for one year.
Find out more here!

If you would like to donate items such as furniture, books, toys, electronics, IT etc, please contact us directly with information about what

you would like to leave with us.

Make sure you read our

wish list

At the moment we gladly receive support in the form of your

time and expertise!

We specifically are looking  for guidance in the following areas:


Responsibilities & Duties of ...

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West Cork Sudbury School

and help us grow in a

sustainable & predictable way.


Even the smallest contributions

lift weight off our shoulders

& support us in doing our best

for a democratic education.

Many thanks!

  • Volunteers!

  • Tech & IT Support

  • Employment Law

  • Building regulations & insurance
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