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Memorial Gifts

Memorial & Honorary Gifts provide the resources that create extraordinary opportunities
and shape our future. Such gifts contribute significantly to the expansion
and improvement of our democratic, self-directed school.
Thank you!
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A Memorial Gift can help perpetuate the values and ideals that defined a loved one’s life. Honorary Gifts commemorate a significant event or an exceptional person who is still living.

Families of those so honored will be notified of your gift if you provide contact information. The amount of your gift, however, remains private.

Your Gift will go a long way to...

  • Giving youths from low-income families access to our democratic, self-directed education through our Solidarity Fund,

  • Expanding our school with more dedicated, fairly paid staff, and hence allowing more students to join our school from the waiting list,

  • Funding our ever-expanding educational tools and equipment.

We will acknowledge every gift in the most appropriate way.
If the donor prefers, we can ensure that the gift will remain anonymous.

Every gift, makes a significant difference.

For more Information...

  • Call Jess on 086 303 1116 or

  • email Kathrin and arrange a call back!

We will be happy to discuss memorial and honorary gift opportunities with you and help you with the process.

Please note, our phone is often unattended, so please do leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

More Questions? Please visit our FAQs for Donors.

We appreciate any and all donations and will acknowledge personally and publicly, unless you wish your donation to remain anonymous.

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