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About Us

West Cork Sudbury School is part of a movement towards a very different model of education,
where students have an equal part in the democratic running of the school itself
and where they decide what, when and how they learn.
West Cork Sudbury School Logo

Following the success of Wicklow Sudbury School and Sligo Sudbury School, WCSS opened its doors to the first group of students in September 2020,
and is unlike any other school in the county as a

Democratic School of
Self-directed Learning.

WCSS is a registered Charity.

The Educational Provision at West Cork Sudbury School is assessed by Tusla Alternative Education Assessment and Registration Service and children attending are eligible for Registration, as in receipt of an education, under Section 14 the Education (Welfare) Act, 2000.


The original Sudbury Valley School has been running in America for fifty years, where extensive research has shown the benefits of facilitating the children

to learn on their own terms whilst becoming active members of a democratic community. To start, check out the Graduates Study from Circle School in Pennsylvania (USA) founded in 1984.

We have found a home in beautiful Coomhola, West Cork. Our building is spacious and bright with lots of rooms to explore different interests, relax and feel at home.
It is surrounded by lawns, an orchard, forestry and different bodies of water. The outside space also includes a basketball and tennis court as well as a covered area to use tools, play table tennis, skateboard, practice circus skills - and so much more!


The founders, trustees and staff of WCSS believe in giving equal value to all types of intelligence and that students should be allowed to self-direct their learning by trusting their own intuition without following a prescribed curriculum. They see that individuals flourish when given the space, resources and support to follow their passions at their own pace and in their own unique way.


As a democratic school students and staff have an equal say in the workings of the school and, through this, develop an understanding of the democratic process.

To learn more please scroll down to read our Core Values and see Support & FAQs!


West Cork Subury School, CLG

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) 20206027

The main object for which the Charity has been established

is to provide self-directed democratic education following the Sudbury model.

This education is provided to members of the public between 5-18 years of age,

on premises specifically suited for this purpose with lots of outdoor space to explore nature,

purpose equipped rooms, such as music room, library etc and workshop spaces.

Students are supervised and assisted by staff members fully versed in our

Child Protection Policy. Their work is supported by outsourcing tutors

and excursions from the premises on request from students.

Upcoming Events
Ongoing Info-Meetings on various topics concerning WCSS starting December 2019! 

Paused due

to Covid-19

Come and join us

to learn  more about WCSS! Dive in deeper into all things Sudbury model during these Info-Meetings - each will revolve around a certain topic.

Each meeting, there is time set aside for your questions during a Questions & Answers session with the staff of West Cork Sudbury School.

Dates and Locations will be posted in our Events section!


We believe in giving equal value to all types of intelligence and that children should be able to learn to trust their own intuition.

We believe children will flourish when given the space, resources and support to follow their passions at their own pace and in their own unique way.

We believe in the importance of play, and that through free age mixing children may develop social skills and empathy.

We believe everyone has unique abilities, instincts and personal autonomy which will be nurtured, supported and respected in this school.

We believe children should have the freedom to make choices, with an understanding of the responsibility that this then entails. In this way children take ownership of their education, enabling them to become engaged, conscious and self-motivated members of communities.

We believe in the importance of green spaces and the outdoors to enhance children’s learning and to allow them to connect with nature.

We believe that our planet and local environment should be considered and respected in the decisions we make in the school and, therefore, we lead as an example by raising awareness of environmentally-friendly options; outline and argue choices for conscious decisions in the running of WCSS, considering bio-diversity, climate change, social justice and ecological integrity.


We see that the changing nature of our world calls more and more for these abilities and strengths, that have been previously undervalued.


Find below some of WCSS's Policies and Procedures.
If you require a Policy that is not listed, please get in touch.


Child Safeguarding Statement

Code of Conduct

Anti-Bullying Policy Students

Policy & Procedure Listing
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