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... in 1969, nine young ordinary men set out on an extraordinary 3-year-long world trip in Pillock II, a double-decker bus. From this they produced an amazing feature length film, 
Pillock Conquers the World

Join us for a 3-Day Celebration and Fundraiser

Having busked their way around the world with folk music and Irish songs, the Pillock crew have decided to commence the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of their return in 1972 by visiting Bantry, and helping support 2 worthy causes in the process.

Along with 2 of the original members of the group, this well-travelled double-decker bus will arrive in Bantry town square on the evening of Friday 17th June to begin a fundraising weekend for our West Cork Sudbury School and the Bantry Lions’ Suicide Awareness Drop-in Centre.

Dates for Your Diary

Friday 17th June, from 8.30pm, Richard King, member of the Pillock Crew, will talk about their experiences as an introduction to a music night and singalong at the Mariner - also DJ Squian and local musicians including Corinna Swara.

FREE entry, ‘pass the hat’ and raffle. Find out more.

Saturday 18th June, 9pm, the film showing at Bantry Cinemax.

€10 and concessions. Limited tickets - find out more and book here.

Both events will be to raise funds for West Cork Sudbury School and the Bantry Lions fundraiser for a Suicide Awareness Drop-in Centre. Find out more.

Sunday 19th June, 2-4pm, sees a Charity Bed Push and fun event hosted by Bantry Lions on the Slob Car Park in Bantry, BBQ, live music and Children's Area, where the bus will be in evidence and copies of the film and the book will be on sale to help raise more funds. Find out more.


In 1969, nine young ordinary men set out on an extraordinary 3-year-long world trip in a double-decker bus. They had already made a ‘Summer Holiday’ trip with an old double-decker (inexplicably named Hairy Pillock!) to Spain for 2 weeks in 1968.  On their return the landlord of a local pub had bet them a free pint of beer each that they wouldn’t be able to drive a double-decker around the world!  In response they formed a company, which became the Pillock Organisation.  Each put in a nominal amount of money to purchase another bus, Pillock II, and kit it out for 9 to live in for the duration of the trip.


With open minds, the attitude that everything is possible and an abundance of enthusiasm, they set off on the journey of a lifetime.

The Film

From this they produced an amazing feature length film, Pillock Conquers the World. This unique film was first premiered in 1982 and has been shown to various clubs, societies and festivals, ever since, including Adventure Travel Film Festivals in both the UK and Australia, at a special screening in Goa and at the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts.


The film is an inspiration for the young and a delight for everyone who sees it - and we are thrilled to have this opportunity to bring Pillock Conquers the World to Bantry! This is no home movie, it is a professional quality record of a unique trip and without a doubt has always proved of significance and impact for its viewers. 

The Book

Band on the Bus –  tells even more unbelievable tales of the boys’ adventures on the trip and will be available to buy at the events, with proceeds going to the West Cork Sudbury School and the Suicide Awareness Drop in Centre.

Band on the Bus

Useful Contacts and Links

Big thanks to everyone who helped make these fantastic events happen!

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