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Founding Members

West Cork Sudbury School aims to offer a nurturing and democratic community
that strives to communicate in a respectful way.
Founders WCSS
Tracy Wall


I'm Tracy, I'm from South Tipperary but have been living near Bantry for the last decade.


A mother of four children, I have been involved in many community groups and business structures over the years, whilst balancing the needs of family and community first and foremost.

This has led to me developing an avid interest in children`s rights, parental rights and the value of diversity and flexibility in the wider community. Neurodiversity and the facilitation of all modes of thinking and processing information while being grounded, responsible and trusted within a supportive community is my ideal scenario in which I am certain many children will thrive.

Thoughts on the Sudbury Model

I was never comfortable with school and how restrictive it is in every way.

I thought we would have to homeschool and we gave it a go but that wasn't right for us either.

When I researched and understood the Sudbury School model I was blown away. The more I looked into it and watched videos and researched the Sudbury schools that have been running for 50 years, the more excited I got.

Its hard to explain the sense of wonder, excitement and relief that such schools are not only possible but are, and have been, up and running for decades and are wildly successful - this being backed up by research and interviews with former students.

I think my helping to start this school and then enrolling my children in it is probably going to be the single most important and biggest gift I will ever give them.

I'm throwing myself heart and soul into helping to make this happen for children everywhere.

This is, in fact, easier for me than it sounds because I'm so convinced it's the right thing to do that you can't shut me up about it.


Have a look for yourself, do a bit of research, see if it's a good fit for you and your children, contact us if you've got any questions.

Thanks for reading my bio!


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