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Founding Members

West Cork Sudbury School aims to offer a nurturing and democratic community
that strives to communicate in a respectful way.
Founders WCSS
Rebecca Noel Firmage


People call me Becky.


I moved here with my two boys, aged 12 and 13, 12 years ago from Oregon, USA. 12 years later I can say this is definitely our home.

Interests and Hobbies

Drawing; painting; craftwork; guitar; singing; yoga; meditation; mental/emotional health and well-being; physical health; spirituality; nature; people; and personal growth and awareness.

Background and Outlook

I have a lifetime of experience with children. I’ve always loved exploring with children and sharing things with them and seeing the world through their eyes. I love facilitating children’s exploration and play (learning).

I love holding the space for a child when they need to chat and explore their thoughts about the world they live in. Life has taught me how to be observant of human behaviour and my intuition and sensitivities keep me alert to any possible needs or attentions the child might have.

I would always leave space for a child to reach out and use his or her voice or innate actions and abilities to solve problems but would be aware of the goings-on.

I am looking forward to being able to facilitate at West Cork Sudbury School.

Thoughts on the Sudbury Model

I sent my children to traditional school, where they are now, and I have also ‘home-educated’ them and even ‘unschooled’. All of them had their benefits and their draw-backs.

I like the Sudbury model as a school because it is a boundaried place for the child or young adult to come and explore what they want and need.

I feel excited at the thought of being able to facilitate individuals' interests!

I don’t know if my two will avail of West Cork Sudbury School. I leave the choice up to each of them, but I do feel an alternative to mainstream education is sorely needed here.

I feel the Sudbury model;

it’s philosophy and ethos is the wave of the future.

It is the right time for this to happen.

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