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West Cork Sudbury School is built on...


...that we are all unique learners and deserve time to explore what interests and motivates us.


We respect ourselves, others and the world around us, celebrating a diversity of abilities and interests.


At WCSS students will have the freedom to follow their own educational path and be given the space, time and support to reach their goals.


The school meeting nurtures a strong sense of responsibility to meet the needs of both the group and those of the individual.

We envision a space that empowers children and teens to take responsibility for their own education in a democratic community that is just, equitable and fair, where their voices matter and they are supported by caring staff members in a safe environment.

We envision West Cork Sudbury School as an example of good practice towards a future where, no matter our abilities or age, we have something valuable to offer and are appreciated as unique individuals.
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Due to the often private and sensitive information shared in our testimonials, we keep them anonymous. If you should need verification of a testimonial, please contact us!


“Since joining the Sudbury School last year my daughter (age 11) has become more empowered to be herself and more confident when speaking with people she doesn't know. She has joined in with many clubs and committees in the school and has learned good group skills and leadership skills. The school gives her a great sense of belonging in a thriving community.

West Cork Sudbury school has been a beacon of hope and a light to the future for our family.”


January 2021

Spring 2023 14_edited_edited.png


“Our school is sociable, fun and allows for as much creativity that you have time for in one day.”

October 2021



 “My son is autistic. His struggles with school were overwhelming and he had completely disengaged with his learning in his final year of primary school, due to bullying and social isolation. Despite being highly intelligent he could not learn in the school environment which did not meet his needs to follow his own interests and to move about. Heading to school in the morning became an ongoing battle and school refusal became the norm. He was begging me to home-school but due to living rurally and my work schedule I did not feel that I could give him the social experiences he would need to thrive. He started at WCSS in 2022 and everyone who knows him has commented on how much he has changed. He is happy and confident, has made many friends and is pursuing his own interests with huge enthusiasm and most importantly he loves going to school and learning every day.”

May 2023


“This is the first school we like to go to.”

October 2023


“As a parent of a child going to West Cork Sudbury School, I am very proud of my decision.
The structure and pressure of exams in secondary school did not agree with my child and it affected them mentally and so I looked into a more holistic approach to education and was delighted that a Sudbury school was being set up here in West Cork. So I jumped at the chance to send my child there and its definitely a fantastic benefit to my child. At the moment they love learning Japanese and are very good at it. They also love music and playing the ukulele.

The children are aged from 5yrs to 18yrs and have the freedom to mix, learn problem solving and work on there strengths and interests.  They also contribute with staff on decision making and any new ideas, thus helps develop strong interpersonal skills and a sense of self-awareness and individual growth. It is a lovely community where everyone can learn from each other.”

November 2023



 "My son is very comfortable in the school and feels part of the school community. He enjoys being able to pursue subjects of interest to him especially the visiting archeologist and dig site, and also being given the time to explore his interests: the subject of history; the school library; lunch club; exploring cooking; music; and other interests. The school caters well for a variety of needs and learning styles. And the staff and Board of Management are very responsive to working through issues that might arise."

November 2023

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