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'We deserve this.'


I just wanted to write a little bit today as I have with me some remnants of a

dream I had this morning concerning Sudbury and the work involved in setting it

up. Although I don’t remember the exact dream, what is left is the thought, ‘We

deserve this.’

The dream gave me such a clear sense of how hard each one of us is working to

make this happen. The dedication and drive is exemplary and humbling in such a

rooted way.

Although some of us have children who absolutely need this space, some of do

not and are doing this for the ‘greater good’and the need for this kind of

progression in our culture and societies. Each member of our group work other

jobs and volunteer our time doing other things...The dream just gathered all this

up and showed it to me. I am floored and grateful.

We are not unique as there are and have been many individuals and groups

through out time who have dedicated their time and energies for a greater cause

and they are all gathered here in my gratitude and praise.

‘We deserve this’ can sound egotistical and entitled, but for me personally, it

may be a step up in worthiness and confidence; and what effects me effects you.

Onwards and upwards. May we believe in and create our worthy visions and


Much love,



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