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Student Blog | Why Sudbury?

I came to Sudbury because mainstream education wasn't working out for me. I was having a difficult time finding the motivation to get out of bed each morning and go to mainstream school, and the days I did go in I would often come home at lunch and refuse to go back in.

My mother had heard of the local Sudbury school from a friend of hers who had a child attending. We decided to give it a go for something different and hopefully more enjoyable.

Since attending West Cork Sudbury School (WCSS), I have found getting up in the mornings easier even though I have to get up earlier.

Learning Environment

WCSS has given me a stress-free experience to learn what I wish, when I wish. The environment is very easy-going and relaxing. It never feels as if there's any pressure to do better then I am able to or pressure not to fail. I find the mixed-age groups to be a really great thing, also because after spending the past few months interacting with and speaking to the younger children here, it helped me realise that I might be interested in doing something with childcare for my future.

Social Aspects

I believe that Sudbury schools are a great way to learn, not just education-wise but also socially. I personally have always had trouble with speaking in front of people, especially those who I don't know, and introducing myself to new people. WCSS has really helped me by not pushing me to do things that I'm not comfortable with and letting me have the time that I need to get to the stage where I am comfortable with those things. That is something I feel doesn't happen in mainstream education.

I hope that the information given can help anybody who is interested in Sudbury schools.


Kitty is a student at West Cork Sudbury School.

She is 14 years old and has been attending since April 2023.

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