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West Cork Sudbury School is built on...


...that we are all unique learners and just need time to explore what interests us.


We respect ourselves, others and the world around us, celebrating a diversity of abilities and interests.


At WCSS students will have the freedom to follow their own path in learning and be given the space and opportunity to reach their full potential.


The school meeting nurtures a strong sense of responsibility to meet the needs of both the school community and those of the individual.

Our mission is to provide a space for
children and teens to grow and flourish;
where they experience their voices being
heard and valued and that they can be trusted
to be contributing members of their community.
By doing so they will have the tools
and foundation to become more content,
resilient and empowered members of society.
Listen to WCSS's first GRADUATE!


We are so proud of her and the places she will go!

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