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Over the past year our calls for help have been heard and we have received
many thoughtful gifts and donations from parents and other donors.


Be assured that your kindness and generosity is
immensely appreciated by students and staff!

We are hoping this stream of kindness and generosity will remain open since each year a variety of materials, equipment and resources are needed to support learning goals.

To read about WCSS and our funding issue you can find a Blog that "fits the bill" here!

Our school budget is limited and supplementary resources are always needed.
If you would like to support the school please consider making us a gift
of one of the items on our Wish list below.
Items can be used (and in good working condition) or new.
Thank you!

Wish List




please contact us

Musical Equipment

please contact us


Office Equipment

such as good chairs


flip charts

white boards

pens of all sorts



Indoor and outdoor trampolines

Balls (soft and hard in various sizes and use eg. volleyballs, basketballs...)

Boxing gloves

Yoga mats and blocks


Paddling Pool

Sand and Water Table

Building Materials

please contact us


please contact us

Filming equipment
such as cameras
lights & diffusers
sound equipment including plip mics

All your contributions are greatly valued
and hugely appreciated!

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