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As an innovative school, offering a a very different choice in education, we are dependent on sponsorship to keep the school affordable and accessible. Sponsoring the school can take many different forms, all of which make a big difference to what the school can offer. 
Every little helps.
Thank you!

Become a Sponsor

There are several sponsorship options, something to inspire everyone - Sponsor a Student, Fair Wages for Staff, School Trips, Equipment ... and more! You can easily jump to the option that interests you using the hover menu on the right of this page.

Similarly, we have developed several ways to Sponsor to make it as easy as possible for you to support our school. For larger Sponsorship options you may want to call us to discuss, or you can simply pay by paypal at the click of a button for any of the options below.

Arrange a Callback

Call Jess on 086 303 1116.

Or contact Kathrin via email!

We are happy to help you set up a regular donation or discuss other funding opportunities with you.

Sponsor Today

Please see all our sponsorship options below and become a WCSS sponsor at the click of a button!

We have our CHY number, but time needs to pass before your donations can be tax deductible. Watch this space!

Questions? You can check out our FAQs for donors

Sponsorship Options

The simplest subscription option of all - sponsor WCSS with €25 monthly!

Your money will go to our ongoing expenses.

Sponsor WCSS
Once-off Annual Options

Our most pressing needs in order to expand the school and reach our goals are subsidised student placements and fair wages for staff. 

Sponsor a Student

It is our aim and passion to make this school accessible for all who need and wish to avail of this type of alternative education.

This means providing a Solidarity Fund to aid those families in need:


  • Sponsor a Student: €4,100 comes close to covering the cost for one student placement. Anything above this helps to subsidise further placements, making our school accessible to all.

  • Solidarity Contribution: €2,000 would subsidise a placement in our lowest Membership Dues bracket for one year.


Find out more on our Solidarity Fund page.

Solidarity Fund
Fair Staff Wages

Fair Staff Wages

Currently, because of their dedication to democratic, self-directed education, all our staff are working for minimum wage and/or are volunteering a huge amount of their hours. This is not sustainable, or fair.​​

Therefore we are looking for philanthropists to subsidise fair staff wages:

  • €6,500 would allow us to raise one staff member's wages from minimum wage to the equivalent of an average teacher's salary. 

  • €15,000 would allow us to hire another staff member at the equivalent of an average teacher's salary and so bring more students into the school from the waiting list.

School Trips

School Trips

Our students greatly benefit from a school trip each term. Previous school trips have included an archaeology field trip, a visit to a local inventor and a day trip to Dingle.

  • €500-800 would pay for one school trip - transport alone for a day can be €450!

Once-Off Sponsorship Options

Equipment for Students

  • Gardening equipment
    Polytunnel: €1000 - €3500 - not including installation!

  • A 3D printer
    Most Entry Level and Hobbyist 3D printers are priced from €300 – €500, while some can be as expensive as €1,500. The higher-end 3D printers, such as Enthusiast 3D printers and Professional 3D printers are priced anywhere from €1,500 – €20,000.

  • PCs equipped to learn programming languages
    A sought-after field for employment, creativity, ingenuinity and opportunity!
    A minimum of €800 each.

See also our Wish List pages.


Miscellaneous Sundries

  • A school bus! A school bus would allow groups of students to connect more with the community and open up a world of place-based learning for them - exploring and taking responsibility in the community.

  • Science lab equipment: €1,000+

  • Arts supplies: Paints, canvas, clay, charcoal... Any fine and visual arts supplies - They go quickly!

  • Playground equipment: Climbing wall(s), frames, resurfacing of the court.

  • And we've even more items on our Wish List!


Make a simple one-time contribution of any amount through


Questions? You can check out our FAQs for donors

We appreciate any and all donations and will acknowledge personally and publicly, unless you wish your donation to remain anonymous.

See our Donor listing on our Network pages.

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